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Do meaningful work

without leaving your home

Become a freelance Virtual Assistant with Time etc and earn money doing interesting work that fits around you, your life and your family.

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Who says you can't earn money and ditch the commute?

Did you know that it's possible to do the work you love without putting up with the commute, being confined to a cubicle or getting involved in office gossip?

Since 2007, we've helped thousands of hard-working people thrive as Virtual Assistants, working part-time and flexibly around their life.

If you're the kind of person that loves organizing things and checking things off on your to-do list but want to be there for your family at home, read on.

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Ready for interesting, varied work from home?

As a freelance Virtual Assistant at Time etc, you'll be working for entrepreneurs, leaders and small business owners, providing them with vital executive assistant and administrative support.

Our clients have one thing in common - they really need your help to get things done, improve their work/life balance and achieve more.

You'll work with the same clients on an ongoing basis and, because no two clients are the same, you can look forward to varied and ever-changing work.

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Our community

We proud to have more than 500 assistants in our thriving community, all working flexibly around their families.

Read about Jenny, Aimee, and Jessica, and find out why they decided to become a freelance Virtual Assistant, the kind of work they do, and why they chose Time etc!

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Jenny's story
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Aimee's story
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Work from home

Enjoy the flexibility of working from home. No commute, no water-cooler gossip or office politics.

Earn money

Use the skills and experience you already have to generate income for you and your family.

Make a difference

Have your skills and experience appreciated. Put them to great use, helping those who need them.

Is becoming a freelance Virtual Assistant right for you?

Use your experience to earn $13+ per hour from the comfort of your own home.

What are the benefits of being a Virtual Assistant with Time etc?

No need to go out and find clients, we'll bring them to you
No worrying about getting paid - we guarantee your payments
All the help you need, any time - you're never on your own
Do all the work in one place on our dashboard

Do you meet these requirements?

You have at least 5 to 8 years relevant experience
You have experience working from home
You're available during the working day
You're happy with an initial hourly fee of $13* (You can apply to increase this later).
You're based in the US
You have a PC, Laptop or Mac

Apply To Be A Virtual Assistant

As a freelance Virtual Assistant, once you're up and running you'll also need to hold Professional Liability insurance.

* Fees: Your initial hourly fee will be $13 per hour. This fee will increase in increments, based on the amount of work you do for each client.

Become a freelance Virtual Assistant and earn money doing meaningful work from home