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Our Values

We Go Further.

We don't do "good enough". We do the very best for our clients.

We're Smart.

We think on our feet. We don't ignore problems, we solve them.

We're Entrepreneurial.

We move quickly and fearlessly to try new things. We own what we do.

We Do The Right Thing.

Everyone walks away happy. If there's a challenge, we'll solve it.

We're In It Together.

We're part of your team. We're stronger together. We grow together.

Is becoming a freelance Virtual Assistant right for you?

Use your experience to earn $11-$17* per hour from the comfort of your own home.

You have at least 5 to 8 years relevant experience
You have experience working from home
You're available during the working day
You're happy with an initial hourly fee of $11* (You can apply to increase this later).
You're based in the US
You have a PC, Laptop or Mac

Apply To Be A Virtual Assistant

As a freelance Virtual Assistant, once you're up and running you'll also need to hold Professional Liability insurance.

* Fees: Your initial hourly fee will $11 per hour. Over time, as an experienced assistant, you can apply to increase your fee, in increments, up to $17 per hour.