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Meet Aimee

Get to know Aimee, one of our Champions below!

A wife and mother to two young boys, Barnaby and Albie, it's obvious from the get-go just how hard-working and determined Aimee is.

She first started her assistant journey as a PA at a well-known consultancy firm at the age of 20. "I was employed as a team secretary. I remember on my first day I met the Partner of the department (who was renowned for being a bit scary) and he said to me: 'How old are you?!'," recalls Aimee. "I replied, 20. He said: 'You are far too young for this role'. I was proud to prove him wrong when I made it as Personal Assistant to the newly appointed Director of the team 3 years later!"

After leaving the large firm, she climbed the Personal Assistant career ladder in the local area before starting a family, but it soon became apparent that finding a good work/life balance after having children wasn't easy. "I wanted to continue my work as a Personal Assistant after having children, but in a flexible way," says Aimee. "That's when I started to do some research into freelance Virtual Assistant agencies - my thinking was that an agency could help me find the clients (saving me time as a busy mum), and support me on my new journey as a freelance Virtual Assistant." She soon came across Time etc, and after discovering Sir Richard Branson's former Executive Assistant, Penni Pike, was involved, she immediately applied.

Since partnering with us, Aimee has built some incredible relationships and provided invaluable support to entrepreneurs. "I love the flexibility being a Virtual Assistant offers and that I'm not restricted to office hours, a commute to work, office politics -I get to meet and work for a multitude of clients from around the country in different business sectors," beams Aimee. "I have been lucky enough to take on a fantastic client, based 200 miles away from where I live, who I have now worked with for 2 1/2 years. Time etc and the client supported me through 6 months of maternity leave, and welcomed me back with open arms!" Aimee's tasks are massively varied, which is another aspect of the role she loves. She's done everything from researching the bridal market, to booking hotels, organizing visas, creating itineraries, and more!

"I've received some lovely feedback over the years," Aimee tells us. "Some of my favourites include: 'Thank you for the time and dedication you have given, working day and evenings' and 'Thank you for your good work on this task! You're extremely enthusiastic, dedicated and full of great ideas.'"

We're so glad Aimee joined us. It's thanks to incredible Assistants like her that our clients are breaking through The Wall. Thanks for sharing your story, Aimee!

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You have at least 5 years work experience
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You're happy with fees of $11 per hour to start
You're based in the US
You have a PC, Laptop or Mac

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You need a full-time or guaranteed income
You're looking for a temporary income
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