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Jenny's story

Get to know Jenny, one of our Champions below!

Jenny's a mom, wife, and businesswoman! She's also an action film nut - she can't get enough of the Marvel franchise - and is the owner of one very over-indulged cat.

She's someone who's passionate about life. Her enthusiasm is infectious and it's easy to see why she's such a great freelance Virtual Assistant. "I always finding a positive in every situation," she says. "I am motivated by a challenge. If there is something that seems hard or impossible I'm determined to work through all possibilities before declaring defeat. "

So, why did Jenny decide to become a freelance Virtual Assistant with us? "I looked into being a freelance Virtual Assistant when the opportunities of home-based working far out-weighed going back into large corporation employment," Jenny replies. "There is no doubt I questioned if it was for me, but hey, I had the skills and the experience so why not give it a go! I spent extensive time researching various Virtual Assistant options and Time etc kept cropping up. The more I read about Time etc the more impressed I became."

Since partnering with us, Jenny's established herself as a reliable and hardworking Assistant. She's gained a comfortable income, some amazing clients, and a variety of work! "The greatest thing about being a freelance Virtual Assistant is the flexibility it gives me to accomplish everything I want to do, whether it's work-related or in my personal life," exclaims Jenny.

Through being a freelance Virtual Assistant, she's got to work on some incredible projects and help make a real difference. We ask her if she's had any favorites. "The most exciting piece of work I've done is with a team whose innovative, ground-breaking work will change people's health and lives in the future," Jenny gushes. "All I can say at this point is watch this space!"

We're so glad Jenny took the plunge and became a freelance Virtual Assistant through us. She's proven to be one of our best over the years and it hasn't gone unnoticed! "A client openly tells his colleagues and clients that his life could not function without me, which is extremely flattering and makes me feel proud that I am helping him achieve everything he needs to make his business successful," Jenny tells us.

It's Assistants like Jenny that are helping our clients break through The Wall and we couldn't thank them enough.

Thanks for sharing your story, Jenny!

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Use your experience to earn $11 per hour from the comfort of your own home.

You have at least 5 years work experience
You have experience working from home
You're available during the working day
You're happy with fees of $11 per hour to start
You're based in the US
You have a PC, Laptop or Mac

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Being a Virtual Assistant isn't right for everyone.

You need a full-time or guaranteed income
You're looking for a temporary income
You don't want to build long-term relationships in order to receive work

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