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"Great Company To Work With"

"It's so easy to get started and they talk you through everything. If I have ever had any issues (technical problems for example), they are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Everyone is so friendly. The client matching system is fantastic, this is where a client is given to you based on your specific skill set, which you outline when you join. The clients I have are great to work with and I have enjoyed everything about working with Time etc."

"Flexible, varied work"

"Flexibility of work hours, variety of tasks for a varied client base. Friendly, supportive team and a great, easy to use platform for freelancers."

"Positive experience with Timeetc."

"Pros: The ability to fit work around other commitments, good variety of tasks, very nice clients (in my experience!), good support from Timeetc."

"Perfect gig"

"Pros: Work from Home! Flexibility, Variety of Clients, Interesting Work, I can work as many hours as I want...

Cons: There are not any cons as far as I am concerned because I did my research before starting. I knew it would be part-time. It does take a little time to build up clients as they need to know they can trust your work first, but then you can have your pick. I knew what the pay would be, and it works for me because I save on daycare. I love it!"

"Excellent WFH Opportunity"

"Pros: Flexibility, guidance, great client!
Cons: None! Not one single one!"

"Lengthy selection process, but I understand.."

"Pros: I was matched with and selected nearly immediately by a client to be a Personal Assistant. Was able to complete several small tasks immediately. They are based in the UK, but the staff is super responsive to emails and phone calls. They don't make it easy to get selected, they are looking for a certain type of person.
Cons: The clients sometimes expect you to be on call to them 24/7, even though you set a schedule that shows your availability."

"Flexible work at home company"

"I'm an artist who needed to pick up freelance work to supplement my income. My uber driver told me to look into working as a Virtual Assistant and luckily I found Time Etc. I love the flexibility, variety of tasks, friendly clients, and account managers. I also love the ability to delegate tasks to another VA on days where I just don't have the time to complete a project. I do suggest initiating communication with your clients because some will forget that you're available to them."

"Working as a Virtual Assistant"

"Time Etc has an amazing support staff and they are wonderful to work with. You'll get to apply to client opportunities and pick up tasks that you want to do."

"Virtual Assistant"

"The support is amazing! They have an online help section and a person you can contact if you need help. I also receive calls to check on how things are going with clients which is great. They have an online system for tracking clients, your time, invoices etc. which is easy to use. I receive regular notifications of work available, both one time tasks and regular clients so I don't have to go looking for work as it comes to me! There is plenty of work available and I would highly recommend using Time Etc. to anyone, especially if you are new to doing work virtually from home. The biggest pro is I have not paid one penny to the company as they get their payments from the clients."

Is becoming a freelance Virtual Assistant right for you?

Use your experience to earn $13+ per hour from the comfort of your own home.

What are the benefits of being a Virtual Assistant with Time etc?

No need to go out and find clients, we'll bring them to you
No worrying about getting paid - we guarantee your payments
All the help you need, any time - you're never on your own
Do all the work in one place on our dashboard

Do you meet these requirements?

You have at least 5 to 8 years relevant experience
You have experience working from home
You're available during the working day
You're happy with an initial hourly fee of $13* (You can apply to increase this later).
You're based in the US
You have a PC, Laptop or Mac

Apply To Be A Virtual Assistant

As a freelance Virtual Assistant, once you're up and running you'll also need to hold Professional Liability insurance.

* Fees: Your initial hourly fee will be $13 per hour. This fee will increase in increments, based on the amount of work you do for each client.