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Jessica's story

Get to know Jessica, one of our Virtual Assistants, below

Jessica lives in a small, rural community with her husband, daughter, two dogs, and four cats!

Also a proud grandmother to two adorable boys, it's obvious family and community mean everything to her. "My biggest passions are my family and helping people! My family has always come first in my life, and working for Time etc allows me to continue to keep them first," explains Jessica. "Helping people continues into my personal life, as I volunteer at a local food pantry at least once a week to help with food distribution and unloading trucks."

Since she began working from home in 2006, she's enjoyed a range of freelance jobs, including medical transcription, recruitment, and editing. So, why did she decide to become a freelance Virtual Assistant with us? "When I saw the advertisement that Time etc was looking for freelance Virtual Assistants, I was working with another Virtual Assistant company, so I figured I might as well give it a shot and applied," says Jessica. "Once I began working with Time etc, I realized that your method was so much better for someone like me. I love getting to know my clients, and that wasn't really an option working with the other company."

Since partnering with Time etc, Jessica's worked with a number of exciting clients with interesting tasks, including one with Hollywood connections! "He runs a non-profit and wanted me to find a limited edition book from years ago," says Jessica. "I also work with a client who travels to Europe often and takes me on virtual tours with her cell phone! They're both absolutely amazing."

Jessica tells us working through Time etc has made a huge difference to her life. She's able to help support her family financially, as well as have time to still enjoy the little things. "There are so many great things about being a freelance Virtual Assistant!" beams Jessica. "The clients, the Account Managers, the challenges, the freedom to adjust my schedule as needed! I truly love everything about being a freelance Virtual Assistant."

Jessica's varied experience has made her a hit with clients; she consistently produces incredible work and goes above and beyond for them. "I've received so much great feedback from clients," says Jessica. "One stand out comment was 'Even just knowing I've got you in my corner makes me relax on the busiest days! THANKS!'"

We can't thank her enough for being a Virtual Assistant with Time etc! Thanks for sharing your journey so far, Jessica.

Is becoming a freelance Virtual Assistant right for you?

Use your experience to earn $13+ per hour from the comfort of your own home.

What are the benefits of being a Virtual Assistant with Time etc?

No need to go out and find clients, we'll bring them to you
No worrying about getting paid - we guarantee your payments
All the help you need, any time - you're never on your own
Do all the work in one place on our dashboard

Do you meet these requirements?

You have at least 5 to 8 years relevant experience
You have experience working from home
You're available during the working day
You're happy with an initial hourly fee of $13* (You can apply to increase this later).
You're based in the US
You have a PC, Laptop or Mac

Apply To Be A Virtual Assistant

As a freelance Virtual Assistant, once you're up and running you'll also need to hold Professional Liability insurance.

* Fees: Your initial hourly fee will be $13 per hour. This fee will increase in increments, based on the amount of work you do for each client.