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Becoming a freelance Virtual Assistant at home gives you the opportunity to use your skills and experience to help others whilst earning money on a very flexible basis.

You will assist clients with their business and personal tasks, including everything from basic administrative work and form filling to schedule management and travel arrangements. If you've got marketing, social media, writing or blogging experience you may be able to use that too.

We'll introduce clients and assignments to you and we'll pay you an agreed, guaranteed, hourly rate for the work you do. You'll be a freelance independent contractor, so you're free to set your own hours and work for other organizations too.

"Time Etc is the only company I've found that truly offers flexible working hours with good rates. The projects are interesting, and I often find myself going above and beyond. We are supported by Account Managers who build up trust and confidence with new clients, creating an environment where they consistently come back for more."

Susan R

What we offer

Flexible work that fits around your life
Interesting, variety packed work
Starting rate of $11 per hour
Chance to use your skills and experience whilst working from home
Support, help and guidance from our friendly USA team

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Who will you be working with?

Our clients are forward thinking entrepreneurs, managers or teams and they run some of the world's most exciting small and large companies. They're busy and need help getting everything done on their to-do lists each day.

Our clients LOVE working with Time etc freelance assistants because they are able to work with amazing, experienced people that they wouldn't ordinarily have access to if they had to employ someone in their local area.

"I've been using Time etc for a couple of months now, and I can't express how wonderful it is. There's nothing like the feeling of 'yes, I CAN get that done...'"

Margaret R - happy client

Some of the typical tasks you might do

General administration
Document work including formatting and typing
Travel arrangements
Schedule management
Arranging meetings and appointments
Making telephone calls
Sorting expenses
Social media
Content writing

Things you'll need

A PC or Mac
Microsoft office
An internet connection
Professional Liability Insurance

What we'll need from you

Availability during the working week (Mon-Fri)
Available for at least a year
Ideally able to work at least five hours per week
At least 5 years relevant experience
Previous or current experience working from home on a freelance or flexible basis
Good English skills
Good organizational skills
A reasonable home office set up / quiet area to work

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Why work with us?

As one of the world's largest Virtual Assistant company, handling more than 20,000 tasks for our clients each month, we bring years of experience and knowledge as well as competitive hourly rates of pay and flexible working.

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Please stay safe

This is our official website - and the only way to apply to work through Time etc. Do not apply through any other website as they are unlikely to be legitimate. We will never ask you for payment details or money.